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Are you looking for authoritative, traceable project documentation with key workflows, high security and strong support?
Central data storage

Use our well-structured project space for filing, processing and distributing your data.

Share your data with your project stakeholders simply and easily. You can easily upload and manage your documents and plans using drag-and-drop.

Individualize their workspace and home page according to their needs. This way you have a quick and easy overview of your projects with our project space.


  • Individual workplace, strong support
  • Central, traceable storage (plans, documents, models)
  • Multiple upload of new versions using AI
  • Simplicity, drag & drop for uploads/downloads
  • for office, on the road and construction site (on/offline)
  • Models, viewable IFC, BCF, browser-based
QR code

Do you always have the latest plan version with you on the construction site?

With our QR code solution, we enable you to check for currency on any printed or downloaded document, anytime, anywhere.

See at a glance if you have the most recent document. For existing files, you can add a note to the new version, giving a reason for the update, for example.


  • Clarity for third parties what is current
  • Scanning via QR code from cell phone
  • Clear order relationships
  • Relief of the construction management

Do you want releases of plans and data to follow your process?

Define your workflow by having plans approved directly in the Project Space. These are automatically visible to all project participants after approval. Afterwards, everyone can use the plans or send them directly to print.

Also categorize your files according to given keys automatically.


  • Digitally map proven processes
  • Completeness check
  • Consistent processes for projects/teams
  • Automatic information (subscriptions, daily, channeled, e.g. only building owner)

Do you want to make adjustments to plans directly online?

Using our redlining feature, you and your team can markup documents or objects and automatically track all comments. The comprehensive redlining function is realized via different layers in each document or object.


  • Redlining with tracing
  • Add notes directly online
  • Fast information flow via notification
  • Original file is not changed

Files are categorized according to a given key.

Categories are independent of the file name. The advantage is that (via the filter function) all matching records can be searched for based on the categories. Depending on the definition, a category designation may only occur once in the project space.


  • Categorization according to defined parameters
  • Set up your specifications and handover to the team
  • Simple, data-based queries
  • High security and targeted searches
  • Fast access even with huge amounts of data, thanks to filter function
Versions Management

Do you wish you understood how a plan status came about?

With our version management, we enable you to see at any time how a plan status develops and changes or who has contributed what. The same applies to granting, changing and assigning subscriber rights or when documents disappear and reappear at some point. Our activity log keeps you accountable at all times for any changes made intentionally or by mistake. With this function, you also pass legal cases or exclude being responsible for something you did not cause.


  • Activity log per document
  • Content changes per document
  • QR code for update check

Use SharePoint, we provide the transfer

Data stored in Sharepoint (Cloud) can be easily dragged from different Sharepoint accounts into the project space: In-house accounts and those shared with external parties in a project.


  • Easy integration of your SharePoint data
  • Data transfer from SharePoint to Project Space
  • Bindingly documented follow-up
Digital signature

Simply have your business partners sign electronically

You can have signatures inserted in the designated places. The documents remain locked (unchangeable) during the process and are stored in the project space after completion, marked as Complete.


  • Obtain electronic signatures
  • Define processes, who has to sign where and when
  • Completeness check incl. Follow up
  • Ideal for your electronic contract management
BIM Server

You want to view and exchange BIM data directly online?

Use our BIM server for the exchange of IFC+BFC files as well as for the display of the model directly on the platform. Our BIM server supports you in merging and versioning the specialist models and simplifies the processing of variants. With seamless integration into the project space, it boosts your workflow.


  • View, rotate, cut models online
  • Edit and share models
  • Task assignment incl. “Viewpoint”
  • More spatial understanding for builders/users

Construction Management

Do you have defect management under control at all times?

With our construction/protocol management module, you have everything centralized and visible. Every construction project needs good and clear management. The larger the project, the more difficult it is to control. Our construction management module is the optimal solution for keeping track of construction projects – from a clear address list to simple defect management.


  • Record and document defects/tasks
  • Assign tasks and check processing
  • Construction Journal
  • Protocol app, with automatic storage in the project room


Use the UhuCloud as a platform with support from Workflows for public and private tenders
  • for public (SIMAP) and private tenders
  • posted basic documents receive information on how submittors can register to receive the tender documents
  • Submittals do not see each other
  • Numerous workflows, e.g. “freezing” of uploaded documents

Communication/ Project website

Are you already communicating the benefits of your project?

There is a lot of interest in what exactly to expect in construction projects, both internally and externally. With a project website, you provide valuable education and communicate respect and highlight the benefits of the project. We support you in setting up, operating and, if desired, communicating internally and externally.


  • Professional website and relief for your team
  • Modern communication that does justice to your project
  • Messages that convince internally and externally
  • Operation of the website incl. continuous adjustments